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Construction Industry


Ensuring that all company employees scattered across the country or across the world can access and become aware of compliance policies is one of the industry's greatest challenges.
Compliance Specifics  for  Civil Construction 
Several ethics related problems have plagued civil construction. One of the sectors that most employs in the country suffers from corruption, lack of workplace safety and the environmental impact caused by the thousands of projects in progress in the country and the world.

One of the biggest challenges for construction companies is being able to communicate with all outsourced employees and suppliers, distributed throughout the various offices and daily construction sites in their respective environments.

Based on this scenario, how do you adapt the needs of a well-established compliance program to day-to-day reality and make all policies accessible to everyone, from executives to workers?
ClickCompliance is a software that controls the acceptance and understanding of the rules and corporate policies of all those involved in the company’s business, from employees to suppliers, representatives and resellers. It works on an SaaS model, in the cloud and has a responsive structure, adapted for any mobile device.
With clickCompliance you can :
  • Send alerts and reminders to all users and departments.

  • Register policies by target audience.

  • Permission of policies and documents by area.

  • Periodically synchronize users.

  • Set up approval workflow for documents and policies.

  • Generate reports accepting documents and policies and view them in a dashboard with analytic reporting, per-user and per-policy acceptance control.

  • Send and analyze questionnaires for validation of policies and documents.

  • Revalidate and version policies and documents.