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Compliance for

Insurance companies

The biggest challenge in the insurance industry is to follow new regulations and integrate the entire sales force, brokers and operators to ensure a unified ethical standard in businesses.
Compliance Specifics  for Insurance companies
A company that wants to consolidate itself in the market must align it’s compliance program with the company’s strategic objectives, mission and vision. The growing external pressure for ethical standards, that values all who are involved in the company, such as suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, employees and resellers, should drive organizations to create preventive programs and constant monitoring.

It’s through compliance programs that a company can achieve these strategic objectives more effectively. This doesn’t mean they’re conflicting concepts. On the contrary, the company’s alignment with all norms, regulations that are constantly dictated by constant updates, as well as efficient internal controls represent greater quality in the company’s activity. It avoids expenses with fines, punishments and judicial charges, in addition to strengthening the brand in the market, showing a serious and ethical company. 

In this scenario, speaking on behalf of your company and brand, how do you ensure unity in the company’s good practices towards brokers and independant traders that are spread all over the country? The standardization of comercial practices and rules is a challenge in the insurance Market. How do you ensure that the company’s policies will be followed?
ClickCompliance is a software that controls the acceptance and understanding of the rules and corporate policies of all those involved in the company’s business, from employees to suppliers, representatives and resellers. It works on an SaaS model, in the cloud and has a responsive structure, adapted for any mobile device. In addition, clickCompliance has a functionality that controls the validity of all documents and policies, contributing to the entire compliance program being up to date with SUSEP, ANS and other regulatory bodies standards.
With clickCompliance you can :
  • Send alerts and reminders to all users and departments.

  • Register policies by target audience.

  • Permission of policies and documents by area.

  • Periodically synchronize users.

  • Set up approval workflow for documents and policies.

  • Generate reports accepting documents and policies and view them in a dashboard with analytic reporting, per-user and per-policy acceptance control.

  • Send and analyze questionnaires for validation of policies and documents.

  • Revalidate and version policies and documents.