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Is clickCompliance safe?

Today, security is a key concern for company directors and compliance teams. We know that, since clickCompliance is cloud software, many people can be concerned about data security and system reliability.

Therefore, we detailed below everything that our structure offers to keep clickCompliance safe and secure for our customers.
Antivirus Protection

Our system performs an antivirus check on every document that is sumbitted into the platform.

In other words, from internal documents to external attachments in the whistleblowing channel, no document will be the gateway to malicious attacks.

This functionality applies to documents placed in the document governance module and attachments in the forms module and whistleblower channel.
Automatic bug detection 

We use tools for continuous and automatic inspection of the code, in all programming languages ​​used in the system, which analyze: 
  • Duplicate code

  • Coding Standards

  • Unit tests

  • Code coverage

  • Code complexity

  • Comments

  • Security bugs and vulnerabilities

Frequent updates    

To ensure that the system is always working stably, securely and in accordance with the latest best practices, our team works tirelessly to update the system.

We know that the demands of the Compliance professional are very dynamic, which is why, in addition to preventive maintenance, we are always inserting new features and modules to increasingly simplify and optimize the Compliance management process in companies.

Access our update log via the button below and follow our continuous flow of updates.    
Platform stability   

We are committed to keeping our system secure and stable for our customers. See for yourself the history and current stability status of our platform on the button below.     
Benefits of using Microsoft Azure

ClickCompliance is in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. With that, we are entitled to: 
  • Application Insights: proactive monitoring with alerts on application problems, exceptions, availability and performance;

  • Geographic backup once a day in a paired data center

  • Faster deliveries and problem resolution and greater software operational stability; Increased code quality confidence with automated code analysis.

Integrated Azure or Google Login       

ClickCompliance login has all the security that these providers offer to validate authorized users to access clickCompliance.
Database security

Each *tenant* has its information isolated in the database layer, making it impossible to access other client’s information.
Integrity with SSL requests       

All connections between architecture components are made through secure protocols, using authentication tokens between requests.
Data Storage Security

Our database and storage account have Transparent Data Encryption, with key management made by Microsoft, which keeps data encrypted, including log files and backups. 
Frequent backups       

We do full backups every week, differential backups every 12 hours and Transaction log backups every 5 -10 minutes.

Backups are replicated to a paired Data Center for data center outage protection.
Azure Security Center       

Data Protection

This Center detects suspicious database queries and access patterns and other threats aimed at SQL databases in Azure, such as access from an unusual location, unusual anonymous access, or unusual data extraction.

We receive alerts about these suspicious activities, as well as recommended actions to investigate and mitigate the threats, such as stopping suspicious access attempts.
App service

One of the benefits of the Security Center is the Azure App Service. It combats vulnerabilities in web applications such as clickCompliance by flagging behavior that can bypass firewall instruments.
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