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Smart Compliance Management System

A simple and intelligent Compliance process administration software, that involves your company’s employees, partners and suppliers.

How does our Compliance system work?

Our module structure offers a customized solution for your company to implement and manage your Compliance strategy.

We offer document management, compliance training, forms, a whistleblower channel and a compliance chatbot, all on the same platform.
However, you only need to compose your compliance system with the modules that fit your strategy.


The burocracy in administrating corporate policies and documents takes up a significant amount of the Compliance professional’s work. Our features automate these everyday processes.


Our portal is a simple and effective solution that fits in your company’s budget. It’s a tool that contributes to a healthy and ethical workplace.


Offer virtual compliance training that truly engages users through storytelling and customizable multimedia content.


Our Bot combines the best of technology and your Compliance program to offer safe and quality service to your employees

Compliance form

Our compliance platform allows you to assemble any type of form for your company and collect employee and third-party replies automatically.


Our web portal allows data subjects to easily request their rights according to data privacy legislation, with a structure that organizes internal and external monitoring.

Spread The Tone at the Top with a Compliance System!

Tone at The Top is a very important pillar of compliance. According to anticorruption legislation, the integrity program is evaluated in part according to the top management’s commitment, evidenced by visible support for the program.


Hours of Training Performed

This is the number of hours of Compliance training that our clients’ employees have completed.


Approval Flows

This is the number of document approval flows created by clickCompliance customers.


Versioned Documents

This is the total amount of documents versioned by teams using clickCompliance.


Recorded Acceptance

This is the number of times our customers’ employees have read, understood and accepted a corporate policy.

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Driving Innovation in Compliance

Compliance software that fits your budget

Our prices are tailored to your company, based on 2 factors: Which modules make the most sense for your strategy and how many employees will use the system.

Automate your company's compliance

Contact us and get to know all the details of the tool.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of having a Compliance program?

Since 2013, with the Anti-Corruption Law, Brazilian companies have been working hard to implement Compliance and integrity programs. Companies that have ethics programs attract more talent, have a better work environment and reduce business risks. In addition, large companies contract suppliers only if this company has a structured compliance program. 

What are the challenges in implementing a Compliance program?

Challenges vary by company. In general, companies find it difficult to ensure that 100% of employees are trained and also accept internal policies. Furthermore, it is important that the company’s leadership is committed and that its policies are appropriate to the risk.

Does clickCompliance accelerate the implementation of my Compliance program?

Yes. Technology has a lot to contribute to an effective Compliance program. With clickCompliance, it will be much easier to ensure compliance with current legislation and you will have incredible performance and speed gains. Furthermore, the specialized workforce can focus on more strategic activities.

How soon will clickCompliance be ready for use in my company?

After purchasing the tool, our implementation team will meet with your team to start the process. Considering the ease of use, in addition to the low cost, it is estimated that in 15 days clickCompliance will be being used.

Why should I purchase clickCompliance?

If you want to guarantee effectiveness, reduce labor, demonstrate to the market that Compliance is a value for your business and comply with the main topics of current legislation, you should purchase the tool.

I want to purchase clickCompliance, but I also believe it is important to hire a specialized professional. Can you help me?

The tool has several training and policies already developed for its use. If you need a referral from a professional to help you in the development of other topics, we will be happy to use our network to recommend the best service according to your business.


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