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Compliance Training

Offer virtual compliance training that really engages through storytelling and customizable multimedia content.
Our training is available on the clickCompliance platform, easily accessible on mobile phones through a browser or the APP. It's  video class format can be watched anywhere and anytime.

Why training, and why clickCompliance?

  • Helps to set rules and standards

  • Increases employee's sense of responsibility in fighting corruption

  • Produces clear indicators, graphs and reports on the company's performance in promoting Compliance

  • Produces clear indicators, graphs and reports on employees' knowledge of Compliance and standards

  • Favors the company's reputation for fighting corruption

Shareable completion certificate 

After the completion of each training, the employee receives a personalized certificate to share on social networks, organically marketing the company's Compliance program!
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Training Topics

Gifts and Hospitality

The gift and hospitality training will cover situations where your employees may have doubts about offering or receiving gifts or hospitality, and how to react in cases like these.

Conduct in the Workplace

Workplace conduct training will cover good practices to prevent harassment and other problems that compromise well-being at work in accordance with business laws and good practices.

Financial Crimes and Fraud

The training on fraud and financial crimes will present situations related to financial issues, such as the importance of keeping invoices in activities related to work and money laundering.

Relationship with Public Administration

Training on relationships with the public administration will prepare your employees for situations of interaction with public agents or agencies, such as bids, lobbying or conflicts of interest.

Relationship with Third Parties

Third party relationship training will help your employees deal with situations with suppliers, competitors, and other private sector partners that the company deals with.

In our trainings, your employees accompany a character and help him navigate situations that may involve kickbacks, privileged information, workplace conduct, and more. 
After watching some problematic situations, the employee has to answer questions and help the character decide how he should act to comply with company policies and related laws.
Although our training covers subjects and situations present in the daily routine of private companies, we know that each company has risks and factors specific to it or its sector.
Therefore, you have the option to include your own content, such as powerpoints, texts and videos.
Module Features 

Percentage and progress status

Sidebar organized into parts

Questions between situations

Explanatory videos to reinforce the answer

Hub of completed courses

Access via corporate email

Animated videos

Complementary content

Available on app / mobile

Graphs and reports by sector and group of employees

Integration with Office 365 and GSuite

Notifications and alerts


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Is clickCompliance 
We use the latest technology to keep clickCompliance protected and safe for our customers.
  • Benefits of using Microsoft Azure

  • Integrated Azure or Google login

  • Database security

  • Integrity with SSL requests

  • Data storage security

  • Frequent backups

Other modules
Compliance Bot

Technology and Artificial Intelligence are already part of Compliance. The Service Bot uses Machine Learning to improve your employees experience seeking information about Ethics and Compliance in the company.

Whistleblower Channel

Having a whistleblowing channel is one of the pillars of a Compliance program, and contributes to a healthy and ethical work environment. Our portal is a simple and effective solution that fits your budget.

Document Governance

Bureaucracy in the management of corporate policies takes up a lot of the Compliance professional's time. Our features automate day-to-day processes, saving time and resources.


Our compliance platform allows you to set up any type of form for your company and collect answers from employees and third-party automatically.

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