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Compliance Processes 

Automate the management of compliance processes from start to finish, such as conflicts of interest and gifts and politically exposed persons registration.

With this complete solution, you can do everything from collecting information to creating and managing legal opinions and recommendations automatically. 


Our features allow you to allocate your time more efficiently, running automatic processes and only receiving critical situations for manual resolution.  

Conflicts of interest 

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) 

Registration of gifts and hospitalities 

Record of interactions with public administration / inspections 

Information Collection 
Easily and constantly gather information about your key compliance risks. 
Form creation 

Customizable assembly

Quickly and easily assemble your forms using the “drag and drop” style. The design is simple and has excellent desktop or mobile usability for both administrators and users.

Anonymous forms

Configure anonymous forms in case of sensitive content searches, or to ensure objectivity and security in the analysis process.

Mandatory or Ad Hoc

The forms can be configured to fill AdHoc (only when necessary) or mandatory by the target audience, with automatic form filling collection by the system.

Create periodic campaigns 
Certain forms need to be filled out periodically to keep them up to date.

With our quarterly, semi-annual or annual campaign creation, you no longer need to manually demand form filling.

In addition, there is still the option to fill the forms using the previous information when there is nothing to update. 
Covers third parties 
ClickCompliance forms allow external users, thus being able to request completions from third parties as well, such as suppliers, partners and outsourced employees. 
The platform syncs with your company’s Office 365 or Google Gsuite. This allows campaigns to automatically target existing groups of desired audiences. 
Analysis and treatment 
With our case analysis and handling features, you can make this process much more efficient, now being able to direct your time only towards critical cases. 
When creating filters, you only receive cases for a manual review with an indication of criticality.

The others that do not meet the criticality requirements will be automatically completed, without having to go through anyone’s evaluation. 
In the manual review step, your team also has an area to add notes, comments, and attachments to share and complement the investigation.

At the end, all completions are available for manual evaluation, even those that were completed automatically. 
Process completion 
Finalize the treatment process with recommendations for each case and generate indicators and evidences for documentation
Issuing an opinion and recommendation 
After the manual analysis of compliance processes, your team must issue an opinion or a recommendation to the person or area responsible for taking some action on the occurrence.

With clickCompliance, there is no need to exchange e-mails: this is done within the tool itself.

The recommendation must be attributed to a respondent or to the manager with the resolution that the compliance team suggests. 
The platform generates indicators that can be viewed on our dashboards or reports. Not only is monitoring facilitated, but the presentation of results becomes simpler and faster.
You can set up alerts with periodic team summaries for managers so they can monitor their team’s performance and demand completions when needed. 
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Is clickCompliance safe?

We use state-of-the-art technology to keep clickCompliance safe and secure for our customers.

All documents attached to the complaint form undergo an anti-virus check so that they are not a gateway to malicious attacks.
  • Benefits of using Microsoft Azure

  • Integrated Azure or Google Login

  • Database security

  • Integrity with SSL requests

  • Data Storage Security

  • Frequent backups

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