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The cases of corruption of great visibility involve the most important companies of the country. With the unfolding of these facts, corporations have been pressured to adopt a change of attitude towards this type of event. Thus, they have realized the need to protect illicit contracts.


It is in this context that the good practices of conduct are highlighted, especially the so-called Compliance. An effective Compliance system is the assurance of the organization to guard against or detect attitudes contrary to the principles of ethics and integrity in business, everywhere and at all times. It is therefore necessary to create internal mechanisms for the prevention and detection of irregularities such as fraud, bribery and corruption.


The Compliance system is extremely useful, either to prevent the occurrence of illegal acts or to alleviate the penalties suffered by the company if the corporation or someone acting on its behalf will commit deviations. It is necessary, however, to prove before the law, its effectiveness, through a portal that maintains that the documentation facilitates this process, since it proves the cooperation of the company with the investigations.

Currently anyone who does not adhere to tougher anticorruption policies runs the risk of succumbing. It is therefore becoming increasingly vital that the company have modern tools and thus maintain greater control over what occurs in the corporate environment. The application offered by Ímpeto allows optimizing the entire structure and use of management and operational resources of the Compliance processes.


As a matter of fact, always thinking about being in line with the needs of the market, has created the ClickCompliance app, one of the most efficient solutions to deal with legal issues related to these acts.


ClickCompliance delimited offers:

– Digital signature confirming science and accepted policy

– Classification of policies by category

– Definition of policy target by category

– Version of the policies, with control of acceptance by version.

– Policy Audit Report, allowing to list

  • Given a collaborator, which policies are accepted and not accepted
  • Given a policy, which employees accepted and did not

– Notifies by email:

  • Policy acceptance agreement
  • Notice of new policy and / or version

– Configurable periodic reminders requesting the acceptance of policies

– Statistical panel showing the percentage of acceptance of all policies

– Anonymous denouncement channel and complaint handling control

– Banner configurable with the employee’s policy acceptance percentage


Ensure the integrity of your company with ClickCompliance!