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Compliance Bot
Our Bot combines the best of technology and your Compliance program to offer safe and quality service to your employees
Compliance and Artificial Intelligence
When it comes to Compliance and workplace ethics, having a place where employees can answer questions impersonally and anonymously is indispensable.
So much, that normally complaints and other questions are made outside business hours and locations.
64% of the people that answered a survey in the US said  24h service is one of the greatest benefits of chatbots
 Chatbot Features

Suggests Frequently Asked Questions

Suggests questions to the user based on data from previous questions

References to Portal Documents and Policies

Suggests and references company policies and documents in the portal to better answer the question in compliance with company norms

Service Indicators, Questions and Answers

Data for the administrator about the quality of the service, and numbers of questions and answers

Confirmation of Answer Effectiveness

The user can evaluate the effectiveness of the service to create indicators and encourage improvements

Presentation of Alternative Questions

In the case of a negative evaluation, the Bot suggests other similar questions that it can answer

Referral to the Management Team

When it cannot answer satisfactorily, the Bot can forward a user question to the management team


Our company specializes in business process automation solutions and corporate systems


The Bot uses Machine Learning using your company’s policies and documents


19 years of exerience and a Microsoft preferred solution

Integrates  with your Intranet 
Other modules
Document Management

The burocracy in administrating corporate policies and other documents takes up a significant amount of the Compliance professional’s work. Our features automate these everyday processes, saving time and resources

Whistleblower Platform

Having a Whistleblower Platform is one of the pillars of an effective Compliance program. It’s a tool that contributes to a healthy and ethical workplace. Our portal is a simple solution that fits in your company’s budget

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