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Document Management

The burocracy in administrating corporate policies and other documents takes up a significant amount of the Compliance professional’s work. Our features automate these everyday processes, saving time and resources.
Policy Control
We created clickCompliance’s Document Management Portal so that your company can control and prove that your employees didn’t just read each available policy, but understood them too.

The software reaches all stakeholders, including third-parties, and protects you legally in case they commit illicit acts, or any acts contrary to your policies.
The number of companies with Compliance programs jumped from 30% to 65% between 2013 and 2015, pointing towards a change in the market.
*According to Deloitte
Module Features 

Acceptance Control

Generates accpetance evidence with date/time and login

Validity Control per Type of Document

Policy and document validity control with expiration and revalidation process notifications

Alerts and notifications

Reminders of acceptances, new policies or versions, audience alterations, approval, validity, etc.

Multilevel Approval Workflow

Configurable document approval on several levels

Indicators and Reports

Graphs and reports by user, department, management, policy, etc.

Minute Control

Coming soon. Meeting minutes can also be uploaded into the system to register participants’ approval and agreement

Offline Acceptance Control

Coming soon. Attach an offline document (on paper). That way, it can also be registered in the system and in reports

Legislation Monitoring

Coming soon. Receive alerts when a corporate policy may need to be updated after a law is modified

Why clickCompliance?
Anticorruption Law  (12.846/2013)
Companies are now susceptible to objective liability.

In other words, all a company needs is a connection to an individual involved in illegal activities to suffer punishments, even if it claims it had no knowledge.
Other modules
Compliance ChatBot

Technology and Artificial Intelligence can no longer separate themselves from Compliance. Our Compliance Bot uses Machine Learning to better your workers’ experiences when searching for information about Ethics and Compliance at the company

Whistleblower Platform

Having a Whistleblower Platform is one of the pillars of an effective Compliance program. It’s a tool that contributes to a healthy and ethical workplace. Our portal is a simple solution that fits in your company’s budget

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